Turkish Military Breaks Global Corona Ceasefire

Despite recent calls by the UN for a global ceasefire as part of efforts to limit the impact of Covid-19, Turkish military forces have continued military operations as part of their illegal occupation of Northeastern Syria. These attacks should be seen as repeated and severe crimes against humanity. On the 23rd of March, Turkish artillery … Read more

Company Cars Painted Red to Protest AXA’s Links to Turkey

Activists in Bern, Switzerland took action against the French insurance company AXA for the company’s links to the Turkish state. Activists threw red paint over several AXA company cars to highlight how the corporation is complicit in the atrocities of the Turkish state. They noted how comapnies like AXA, Credit Suisse, Mercedes and Rheinmetall are … Read more

Rojava Solidarity March in Lavrio

Hundreds of protesters marched in the Greek town of Lavrio on the anniversary of the illegal Turkish invasion of Afrin. The march organised by the Revolutionary Youth Movement was attended by the Kurdish community and Greeks alike. The protesters marched to the town square to condemn the Turkish state’s continued attacks against the democratic system … Read more

Activists Protest the Turkish State and the Davos Forum

The protests took place as part of an action carried out in the Swiss city of Bern protesting the Davos economic forum. In Bern 5,000 demonstrators protested the World Economic Forum attended by world leaders including US President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Kurdish and Turkish refugees and migrants marched together with … Read more

Erdoğan Visit Protested in Berlin

The Turkish president faced protests from feminist, civil society groups and Kurdish community groups during his visit to Berlin starting on Sunday the 19th of January. Erdoğan’s visit is part of a conference on the on-going Libyan civil war which the Turkish state has been criticised for intervening in. A coalition of groups and activists … Read more

Protests Against VW’s Links to Turkey

Protesters in Braunschweig Germany took action against Volkswagen and the company’s links to Turkey. On the 7th of January activists blocked the entrance to VW’s facilities in the city calling on the company to respect the international boycott of the Turkish state. Volkswagen is currently considering building a large-scale factory in Turkey which would represent … Read more

Zapatista Women Stand in Solidarity With Rojava

Members of the EZLN expressed their solidarity with the gender revolution in Rojava and Syria. The call for solidarity occurred during the Zapatistas’ “Second International Meeting of Women Who Fight” attended by 3,500 women from across the world. The Zapatistas have held their autonomous territories in the Mexican state of Chiapas since their uprising in … Read more