Protests in Europe and Turkey Against Seizures of HDP Municipalities

The undemocratic seizure of five more HDP municipalities by the Turkish state has provoked protests across Europe and Turkey. With activists demonstrating against the dictatorial actions in several cities and civil society groups condemning the seizures. Europe: In France, socially distanced protests took place in various cities. Kurdish Youth Movement activists in Drancy, Toulouse and … Read more

Stuttgart Protest in Solidarity with Political Prisoners

Activists in the German city of Stuttgart took action in solidarity with the thousands of political prisoners incarcerated by the authoritarian Turkish state. Activists unfurled a banner on a Lurdwigsburg-Stuttgart bridge saying “Freedom for all political prisoners”. The issue of political prisoners has become increasingly prominent in Turkey following the recent “Law of Execution” passed in parliament. … Read more

Continued Condemnations of the Mexmûr Bombings

Across Europe, civil society, politicians, activists and Kurdish community groups have continued to condemn the Turkish bombing of the Mexmûr refugee camp. The continued embargo of the camp by the KDP regional government in Iraq has also faced strong criticism. The attack by Turkish military aircraft left three dead and drew international condemnation. In Strasbourg, … Read more

Protests in Bremen Against Turkish Military Attacks in Kurdistan

Protests in Bremen, and other parts of Germany, followed similar protests across Europe which took place in April. The protests which took place in the German city of Bremen this Sunday highlighted once again the continued military presence of the Turkish state in Kurdistan. In particular, activists condemned the latest attack of the Turkish state … Read more

Continued Protests Against Turkish Attacks on Southern Kurdistan

Activists across Europe have protested Turkish military operations in Southern Kurdistan (Iraq). The attacks have received attention for their brutal violation of human rights with many civilians coming under bombardment. Despite the threat of Coronavirus activists have continued to protest the Turkish state whilst making sure to follow medical advice on social distancing and the … Read more

Erdoğan Visit Protested in Berlin

The Turkish president faced protests from feminist, civil society groups and Kurdish community groups during his visit to Berlin starting on Sunday the 19th of January. Erdoğan’s visit is part of a conference on the on-going Libyan civil war which the Turkish state has been criticised for intervening in. A coalition of groups and activists … Read more

Protests Against VW’s Links to Turkey

Protesters in Braunschweig Germany took action against Volkswagen and the company’s links to Turkey. On the 7th of January activists blocked the entrance to VW’s facilities in the city calling on the company to respect the international boycott of the Turkish state. Volkswagen is currently considering building a large-scale factory in Turkey which would represent … Read more

German Trade Unions Block Planned Volkswagen Factory in Turkey

Labour unions representing the workers at Volkswagen vowed to block the manufacturer’s plan to build a 1.3 billion-euro ($1.4 billion) factory in Turkey until violence triggered by the country’s cross-border offensive in northern Syria has stopped. The factory would represent a major investment in the Turkish economy which has been on shaky ground after a … Read more

In Solidarity With the Kurdish People, Artist Hito Steyerl Demands That Germany Stops Showing Her Work as Part of Cultural Diplomacy

The artist Hito Steyerl has denounced the German government for complicity in the plight of Kurdish people in Northern Syria. Steyerl says she does not want her work shown by Federal German institutions as part of its external cultural diplomacy until the government condemns Turkish aggression and its use of refugees as bargaining chips. The activist-artist made her … Read more