Growing Calls to Release Prisoners From Turkish Prisons

Activists, civil society members and medical professionals are calling on the Turkish state to free prisoners in the wake of the Corona virus crisis. The confined and crowded conditions in Turkish prisons have lead doctors like Dr. Kamuran Yıldırım to liken them to morgues. Dr. Yıldırım’s wife, Gülser Yıldırım, is one of the many political … Read more

Turkish Government Criticised For Dismissal of Health Workers

As part of widespread measures to quash dissent the Turkish state has dismissed over 15,000 health care workers and academics due to their political views. With the severity of Corona virus infections and deaths increasing in Turkey, there has been renewed pressure to reinstate these health care workers. One such worker is HDP MP Dr … Read more

Arrests of Kurdish Mayors Continues in Turkey Despite Corona Crisis

Despite a rising death toll from the Corona virus in Turkey, the state has continued to arrest democratically elected politicians in Kurdish municipalities. The HDP opposition party which supports Kurdish self-determination had won elections in 65 municipalities in local elections last year. Since then, 40 municipalities have been forcibly seized by the AKP-MHP government.  In … Read more