Beko is a popular supplier of white goods such as fridges and other household appliances in Europe.

Koç, Beko’s ultimate parent company, also owns Otokar, a company which manufactures the Cobra and Akrep military vehicles and produced the design model of the Altay battletank. Koç’s subsidiary, Ford Otosan, produces vehicles for the Turkish police.

Beko is owned by Koç‘s subsidiary , Arçelik.

Take Action

  • Boycott Beko products
  • Campaign for shops not to stock Beko products. Organise demonstrations outside stores that do.
  • Target Beko’s brand image: Arçelik spend millions on promoting the Beko brand globally. Money spent on Beko products will eventually be pumped into the Turkish economy, enabling more dictatorship, war and oppression. It also directly supports Koç’s financial viability, thus enabling the company to develop its production of military vehicles and tanks for the Turkish military.
  • Campaign against Beko’s Barcelona FC Sponsorship: Beko sponsors Barcelona Football Club. Football fans could call on the club to scrap the sponsorship deal because of Koç’s involvement in producing weapons used by the Turkish state against the Kurdish populations of Syria and Turkey.
  • Pressure the Premier League and FA Cup to refuse Beko’s advertisements and scrap Beko’s sponsorship: Beko has been one of the largest advertisers in the English Premier League since 2008 and is an official sponsor of the FA Cup. Football fans who want to defend Rojava could pressure the League not to accept adverts from Beko.
  • Campaign against Beko’s sponsorship of Netball New Zealand
  • Pressure UNICEF not to partner with Beko: On it’s website, Beko is promoting a campaign to raise money for UNICEF. Campaigners could challenge UNICEF to cut partnerships with BEKO, and refuse to accept the money.

Global Presence

Arçelik, Beko’s parent company, is the third largest household appliances company in Europe. In the UK, one in five kitchen appliances sold is made by Beko. The Beko brand has a presence in 130 countries, and has 18 global factories.


Laundry machines and dryers
Kitchen stoves
Room air conditioners
Counter top appliances
Audio products
Visual products
TV sets
Laptop computers
Computer-related electronics
Media products

Beko is a sponsor of Barcelona FC
A Turkish police vehicle, manufactured by Otokar – part of the same corporate group as Beko
Some of Beko’s white goods

Basic Company information

Employees: 30,000 (2018)

Type of business: Brand name owned by Arçelik

Business area: White goods/Household appliances

Founded: 1969

Ownership: The Beko brand is owned by Arçelik, owned by the Koç holding company.