Call to Boycott Turkish Government Sponsored Academic and Cultural Institutions

We call on academics, artists and intellectuals around the world to oppose the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria by boycotting Turkish government sponsored academic, artistic and musical events taking place inside and outside of Turkey.

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Background to the Call to Academic and Cultural Boycott

The Turkish state’s invasion of northeastern Syria has brought a dangerous state of war to the only relatively stable region in the country, threatening the lives of thousands with indiscriminate shelling, mass displacement and continuous bombardment. The Turkish attack threatens to do enormous, perhaps irreversible, damage to international standards of law, human rights and human freedom. It also threatens to destroy a unique experiment in feminist social transformation.

Sadly, there have been numerous cases of invading armies committing war crimes over the last century; but it is rare indeed for the commander to openly declare ethnic cleansing and war crimes as the main objective of his military operation and for the “international community” to respond with almost universal silence—or even support. This is a direct and explicit attempt to change the rules on the ground.

Turkish President R. T. Erdoğan has stated explicitly and repeatedly that it is his intention to militarily ethnically cleanse the Kurdish population of over one million people that live in an arc across the Turkish border from Kobane to Derik and to replace that population with members of different ethnic groups. One year ago, similar declarations were made before invading Afrin, another Kurdish-majority region in Syria. Since then, the originally 95 percent Kurdish population of Afrin has been reduced to a minority, with thousands killed or driven from their homes and the Kurdish language banned in schools. The municipality is now governed by jihadist groups backed by Turkey.

In other words, Erdoğan has declared his intention to violate three different key principles of international law clearly established in the Geneva Conventions and Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals: 1. the crime of aggression, 2. the crime of ethnic cleansing, 3. the crime of resettling populations in conquered territory—even now his forces are using NATO-supplied weaponry to illegally bomb churches, hospitals, cultural monuments and civilian infrastructure.

Despite all this, the UN security council has failed to condemn the invasion and most national governments have taken no practical steps to stop it. This could be the end of the Nuremberg Principles, which, although often violated in practice, were at least recognized by all international actors as the principles that should govern military conflicts. Acts previously considered outrageous, even genocidal, risk being normalized.

What has been happening in Rojava for the last seven years—the attempt to create a society based on bottom-up, direct democracy, the liberation of women, and ecological principles as essential to any conception of human liberation—is, ultimately, the real threat to authoritarians like Erdogan, indeed, to authoritarians everywhere, and the real basis for their endless talk of “security concerns.” Anyone who dares attempt an experiment that puts women at the heart of the liberation process must be punished so severely that no one will even think about doing it again. We, the undersigned, must object. The Rojava experiment may be imperfect in a number of ways, as any such experiment must be, but it holds out the prospect of changing the game and creating new rights and freedoms rather than robbing us of what little freedom we have. It is important to humanity everywhere that such spaces of hope are preserved.

After almost a week of Turkish state occupation, the region faces more uncertainties than ever before. Under these circumstances we call on the international academy to clearly state their committed opposition to the occupation and their solidarity with peoples of Rojava.

Implementation of the Boycott

One of the goals of this call is to encourage dialogue about human rights grounded in a set of shared principles. To this end, our call is directed to academic and cultural institutions. The boycott we are calling for does not preclude communication and collaboration with individual Turkish scholars or democratic institutions/journals. Turkish scholars will be welcome to attend academic events, using institutional funding to do where appropriate, to publish in academic journals and to take part in other activities as individuals.

This is also a call for cultural workers and cultural organizations to boycott events, activities, agreements or projects involving Turkish government or government-funded cultural institutions. International venues and festivals are asked to reject funding and any form of sponsorship from the Turkish government.

This is also a call for people to actively promote the ideas embodied by Rojava. As such, the signatories commit themselves to stimulating transnational intellectual and public awareness of and sensitivity to the situation in northeastern Syria/Rojava by organizing concerted on- and off-campus teach-ins, panels, vigils, concerts, art exhibits, etc., as well as developing solidarity networks and joint-action campaigns with existing academic and public initiatives that target processes of neo-imperialism, settler colonialism, racism, militarism and sexism in various contexts.

The Call to Boycott Turkish Government Sponsored Academic and Cultural Institutions is endorsed by a group of leading scholars in the fields of Western imperialism, settler colonialism, histories and anthropologies of the Middle East and/or the Arab World; gender studies, critical race studies, genocide studies and political violence. The regional scope of these scholars and artists represents a wide array of areas, both in and beyond the Middle East, including: Syria, Kurdistan, Iran, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Armenia and Armenian diasporas, Tunisia, Yemen, South Africa, Sudan, India, Morocco, Latin America, U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Catalonia, Basque Country, Ireland, the UK and many other places. You will also find amongst the endorsers making the call many leading artists from all around the world. This is a call to stop the war and not only that, also to actively promote the ideas embodied by Rojava!

This is in no way the total list of signatures. You can send emails to and look for ways to continue to make the boycott effective

Name Institution/Title/Country
1. Prof. David Graeber U.K.
2. Prof. John Holloway Mexico
3. Prof. Adrej Grubacic U.S.A.
4. Prof. Noam Chomsky U.S.A
5. Howie Hawkins U.S.A.
6. Prof. Barry K. Gills Finland
7. Nika Dubrovsky Artist
8. Brian Eno Musician
9. Prof. David Harvey The Graduate Center, CUNY, U.S.A.
10. Alba Sotorra Clua Filmmaker, Spain
11. Prof. Howard Besser Founding Director, Moving Image Archive and Preservation Program. NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, U.S.A.
12. Pawel Wodziński Director, Biennala Warszawa, Poland
13. James Kelman
14. Annelies Broekman, PhD CREAF Autonomous University of Barcelona
15. Nasser Teymourpour Artist, U.K.
16. Assistant Prof. Ebad Rouhi Public international law at Islamic Azad University Sanandaj Branch, Iran
17. Prof. Donald Bloxham History, University of Edinburgh, Scottland
18. Prof. James L. Gelvin History, University of California, U.S.A.
19. Prof. Nancy Postero Anthropology, Co-Director, Human Rights Program, UC San Diego, U.S.A.
20. Prof. John Tully Writer/Historian, Victoria University, Australia
21. Prof. Michael Rothberg 1939 Society Samuel Goetz Chair in Holocaust Studies, UCLA
22. Prof. Michael Davis U.C. Riverside, U.S.A
23. Ass. Prof. Seth M. Holmes UC Berkeley, U.S.A.
24. Prof. Fatima Sadiqi President of ISIS Center for Women and Development
25. Prof. Manuela Picq International Relations and Sexuality Women’s and Gender Studies, Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador) and Amherst College (USA)
26. Prof. Andreas Bieler Political Economy, University of Nottingham, U.K.
27. Prof. Saskia Sassen Columbia University
28. Raul Zibechi Uruguay
29. Dr. Angela Dimitrakaki Musical Artist, Edinburg/Athens
30. Prof. Nadje Al-Ali Anthropology and Middle East Studies, Brown University, U.S.A.
31. Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley Political Sociology, Fellow of Darwin College, The University of Cambridge, U.K.
32. Dr. Judith Dellheim Berlin, Germany
33. Sam Salehi Samiee Painting Department, ArtEZ AKI, Enschede, Netherlands
34. Jonas Staal Visual Artist, Netherlands
35. Mateo Chacon-Pino Curator & Writer, Switzerland
36. Prof. Chris Dixon Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
37. Houzan Mahmoud Feminist activist & cofounder of Culture Project
38. Dr. Isabel Kaeser Sociologist, UK
39. Prof. John P. Clark Philosophy, Loyola University, New Orleans, U.S.A.
40. Ass. Prof. Joost Jongerden Wageningen University, Netherlands
41. Dr Katie Gaddini University College London, U.K.
42. Ramsey Kanaan PM Press, U.S.A.
43. Dr Mahvish Ahmad University of Cape Town, South Africa
44. Maryam Ashrafi Social documentary photographer and filmmaker, U.K./France
45. Dr. Felix Padel Anthropologist, U.K./India
46. Dr. Yara Hawari University of Exeter, U.K.
47. Professor Michel Pimbert Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry University, UK
48. Masood Ebrahimi Faculty of Engineering, University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj.
49. Prof. Ana Isla Department of Sociology and the Centre for Women and Gender Studies, Brock University, Canada
50. Prof. Ziga Vodovnik University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
51. Ass. Prof. John Cheney-Lippold University of Michigan, U.S.A.
52. Prof. Geoff Eley Karl Pohrt Distinguished University Professor of Contemporary History
Professor of History and German Studies, University of Michigan, U.S.A.
53. Prof. Joel Beinin Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History and Professor of Middle East History, Emeritus Stanford University
54. Ass. Prof. Carlota Mcallister York University, Canada
55. Prof. Harry D. Harootunian He is Professor Emeritus of East Asian Studies, New York University, and Max Palevsky Professor of History and Civilizations, Emeritus, University of Chicago
56. Prof. Soraya de Chadarevian University of California, Los Angeles. U.S.A.
57. Anna Galas-Kosil Curator of international projects Biennale Warszawa, Poland
58. Prof. Hamit Bozarslan EHESS, Paris, France
59. Ass. Prof. Daphne Anthropology, York University, Canada
60. Prof. Michael T. Taussig Columbia University, U.S.A.
61. Prof. Walden Bello Sociology, State University of New York at Binghamton and senior research fellow at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies of Kyoto University in Japan
62. Summer Brenner Writer, U.S.A.
63. Dr Bazan Sadiq University College London, U.K.
64. Ass. Prof. Anneeth Kaur Hundle Dhan Kaur Sahota Presidential Chair of Sikh Studies Department of Anthropology University of California, U.S.A.
65. Paloma Polo Visual Artist/Independent Researcher, International League of People’s Struggle – Spain
66. Jasmina Tesanovic Writer and an feminist activist, Serbia
67. Bruce Sterling Writer, U.S.A.
68. Prof. Simon Denny Artist, New Zealand/Germany
69. Hiwa K Artist, Germany
70. Dmitry Vilensky and ChtoDelat collective Artist, Russia
71. Andreas Siekmann Artist, Germany
72. Kimberly Bradley Journalist, Germany
73. Prof. Boris Groys Art Critic, Media Theorist, Philosopher, NYU, U.S.A.
74. Nora Al-Badri Artist, Germany
75. Ragnar Hjalmarsson Herties School, Germany
76. Ivor A Stodolsky Curator and Co-Director, Artists at Risk (AR)
77. Prof. Christian Von Borries Artist, China Academia of Art , Hangzhou
78. Prof. Laura Fantone University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.
79. Prof. Raj Patel The University of Texas, U.S.A.
80. Linda Farthing Independent Scholar and journalist La Paz, Bolivia
81. Leslie Salzinger Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research
Gender and Women’s Studies University of California, Berkeley
82. Dr. Diane M. Nelson Full Professor, Cultural Anthropology, Duke University, Durham, NC USA
83. Ass. Prof. Anne-Lise François University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.
84. Prof. Sherene H. Razack Penny Kanner Endowed Chair in Women’s Studies Dept. of Gender Studies, UCLA U.S.A.
85. Dr. Marina Sitrin Binghamton University, NY, USA
86. Prof. Derek Gregory Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Canada
87. Julie Ward Poet & politician, Labor MEP, Vice Chair Culture & Education Committee in European Parliament
88. Dr. Tomas Ryska social anthropologist, University of Economics Prague/CEMS, the Czech Republic
89. Prof. Luin Goldring York University, Canada
90. Prof. Dr. Xerardo Pereiro Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), Portugal
91. Prof. Federica Giardini Spettacolo Università Roma Tre, Italy
92. Dr Maria Giannacopoulos Flinders University, Australia
93. Dr. José Gutiérrez Ireland
94. Dr. Alexander Panez Assistant professor at University of Bio-Bio in Chile
95. Center of social movements and territorialities studies (LEMTO) of the
Fluminense Federal University
96. Dr. Annelies Broaekman Autonom University of Barcelona, Catalonia
97. Dr. Isabel Kaeser SOAS, U.K.
98. Dr. Christos Zografos Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona
99. Gustavo Duch Journal of Food Sovereignty, Catalonia
100. Federico Demaria Autonomous University of Barcelona
101. Giorgos Kallis ICREA Professor, ICTA, Autonomous University of Barcelona
102. Ana Isabel Sánchez Plaza CREAF Autonomous University of Barcelona
103. Ass. Prof. Roser Rodríguez Carreras Faculty of Geography and History, Barcelona University
104. Fernando Paniagua de Paz Programador Ateneu Popular 9 Barris, Catalonia
105. Ekhi L. de la Granja Musician and Professor, Catalonia
106. The Research Group on Geography and Gender The Autonomous University of Barcelona, Catalonia
107. Tiago Carvalho Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy
108. Nancy Gallagher Professor Emerita of History, University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.A.
109. Guillaume Calafat Associate Professor of History, l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon- Sorbonne
110. Sebouh Aslanian Ass. Prof. Of History, University of California, U.S.A.
111. Debby Farber Independent Curator & PhD Student, Leipzig University, Germany
112. Julia Elyachar Associate Professor Anthropology & International and Regional Studies, Princeton University, U.S.A.
113. Houri Berberian Ass. Prof. Of History, University of California U.S.A.
114. Dr. habil. Ilona M. Otto Earth System Analysis Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany
115. Dr. Mira Menzfeld University of Zurich, Switzerland
116. Dr Jessica Cooper Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology
School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
117. Francesco Spagna University of Padova, Italy
118. Prof. Gavin Brown Political Geography and Sexualities, School of Geography, Geology, and the Environment
University of Leicester, U.K.
120. Amir Darwish Syrian poet; Exiled Writers-ink committee member, UK
121. Aonghas MacNeacail Poet and song-writer in the Scottish-Gaelic language, Scotland
122. Dafydd Iwan Welsh singer, song-writer and politician. Former President of Plaid Cymru Party of Wales, Wales
123. Dr Jennifer Langer Poet and editor of four anthologies of exiled literature; founding director of Exiled Writers Ink, UK
124. George Evgeniou Cypriot actor, director and writer; founder and artistic director of Theatro Technis in London, UK
125. Rocky Rodriguez Jr Film-maker, writer, theatre director, UK
126. Penny Dimond Actor, writer and theatre director, UK
127. John Chaney-Lippold Ass. Prof. Of American Culture, University of Michigan, USA
128. Kathryn Babayan Ass. Prof. Of History, University of Michigan, USA
129. Carlota McAllister Ass. Prof. Anthropology, York University, Canada
130. Amy Austin Holmes Ass. Prof. Of Sociology, American University in Cairo, Egypt
131. Ass. Prof. Gada Kadoda Garden City College for Science and Technology, Sudan
132. Ass. Prof. Yasser Munif Emerson College
133. Ass. Prof. Adrienne Pine Anthropology, American University
134. Nicola Perugini Senior Lecturer International Studies, University of Edinburg, Scotland
135. Lotte Buch Segal Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Edinburg, Scotland
136. Ass. Prof. Rayed Khedher Arab Studies, Davidson College, USA
137. Prof. Charles Piot Anthropology, Duke University, USA
138. Jule Goikoetxea Writer & Professor, University of the Basque Country
139. Maria Paula Prates Anthropologist, Research Fellow at City University of London, Professora Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre (Brazil)
140. Dr Mischa Gabowitsch researcher, Einstein Forum, Potsdam, Germany
140. Hakan Sandal Centre for Gender Studies, University of Cambridge, U.K.
141. Schluwa Sama PhD Candidate, University of Exeter, U.K.
142. Gerardo Lopez-Amaro PhD Student, CIIS, U.S.A.
143. Philip Luther-Davies PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, Department of Sociology
144. Stefano Portelli Postdoctoral Fellow at Leicester University, Department of Geography affiliate with Harvard University’s Department of Anthropology
145. Klaudia Wieser PhD candidate, University of Vienna, Austria
146. Doug Nicholls Writer, UK
147. Rahila Gupta Writer and Poet, UK
148. Alice Creischer Artist, writer and theorist, Germany
149. Dr. Jose Gutierrez
Sociologist, Ireland
150. Francesco Vacchiano Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon
151. Anabel Rieiro Departamento de Sociología y Unidad de Extensión, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales-Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay
152. Luís Silva Senior researcher. New university of Lisbon, Portugal.
153. Prof. Joya Misra Sociology & Public Policy, University of Massachusetts USA
154. Dr. Narelle Warren Monash University, Australia
155. Prof. Filipa Alvim Anthropologist, University of Coimbra Portugal
156. Ass. Prof. Millie Thayer Department of Sociology UMass, Amherst
157. Jean Halley Professor of Sociology, City University of New York, USA
158. Marita Muukkonen Co-Founding Director: Artists at Risk (AR) and Ecologists at Risk (ER), Helsinki
159. Kathy Kiloh Assistant Professor, Philosophy OCAD University, Italy co-editor, Adorno Studies
160. Ratiba HADJ-MOUSSA Sociology, York University, Canada
161. Allabhya Ghosh Filmmaker
162. Mohammad Miraliakbari Playwright, theater director and short filmmaker
163. Dr. Zahed Ghaderi Senior lecturer, Kharazmi University, Iran
164. Himani Bannerji Writer, Sociologist, Philosopher, York University, Canada
165. Ass. Prof. Targol Mesbah Anthropology & Social Change
California Institute of Integral Studies, USA
166. Jonathan Bloch Writer and businessman, UK
167. Ass. Prof. Nina Isabella Moeller Coventry University, UK
168. Dr Sarah Glynn Dundee, Scotland
169. David Schein Theater Artist, USA
170. Belarbi M’hammed France
171. Prof. Veronica Gago University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
172. Professor Kenneth Little Department of Anthropology, York University, Canada
173. Teoria Kritika Bilbao-Barcelona (BIBA)
174. Maria Rodó Researcher at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
175. Marta Jorba Reseacher at the University of the Basque Country
176. Eulalia Valldosera Visual Artist, Spain
177. Sarah Shourd Journalist, Playwright
178. Prof. Cathryn Brubaker Lecturer, Sociology
Umass Amherst, USA
179. Ass. Prof. Lesley Wood Department Chair, Sociology, York University, Canada
180. Pasquale Pellegrini Metabolic Engineering and Diabetes Therapy Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB), Barcelona
181. Gael Alcock Musician and teacher, USA
182. Francesco Vacchiano Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal
183. Sandra Faustino Coelho PhD Student, University of Lisbon, Portugal
184. Dr. Jorge Alonso Sanchez CUCHS, Mexico
185. Sergio Tischler Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México
186. Filipa Alvim Anthropologist Researcher CRIA, Professor at University of Coimbra Portugal
187. Shora Falah Vahdati Independent Iranian filmmaker Based in Paris, France
188. Ritu Mahendru, PhD Senior Research Associate, Canterbury Christ Church University Editor, International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare Trustee (Chair), South Asian Sexual Health Research Centre Freelance Journalist, OpenDemocracy and The Diplomat
189. Professor Hilary Rose Gresham College, London, UK
190. Janet Biehl USA
191. Rod Sáez Chavez Executive Producer, Actor, Cintamani Films
192. Ferman Alkasari Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
193. Maxine Peake Actress
194. Michael Well Film Student, Israel
195. Nastaran Mohseni Filmmaker, Iran
196. Pablo Latorre Director, Das Mangos Productions
197. Atefeh Khademolreza Writer, Director &Producer
198. Anoop Oommen Filmmaker, India
199. Jean Rafferty Chair of Dove Tails, Scotland
200. Helène Aylon Artist, USA
201. Noemi Pulvirenti Filmmaker, Italy
202. Inés Durán Matute visiting scholar (postdoc) in California
203. Mesopotamian and Anatolian Queers for Azadî (maqfa) UK
204. Victor Salinas Peasant and agroculturist, sower of food, knowledge and wisdom. From and with the Earth, taking care of life. Also M.I. and Agroecology.
205. Dr. Nicholas S.M. Matheou Historian, University of London, UK
206. Sasha Lilley Radio Broadcaster, KPFA Radio
207. Karen Davis Professor Emerita – California State University USA
208. Emre Şahin PhD Candidate at the Sociology Department at Binghamton University, NY, USA
209. Loqman Radpey International Law, School of Law University of Edinburgh, Scotland
210. David Levi Strauss Writer and Educator, USA
211. Ken Knabb Writer and translator, Berkeley, CA, USA
212. Magali Sarfatti Larson Professor Emeritus Temple University Philadelphia, PA, USA
213. Chihiro ITO Artist, Japan
214. Vera L. Chang Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Doctoral Student, University of California Berkeley | Fellow, National Science Foundation
215. Mohsen Pourhajarian Film Producer, Iran
216. Sagrario Anta Spain
217. Prof Eyal Weizman Goldsmith University College London, UK
218. Prof Laleh Khalili Queen Mary University College London, UK
219. Julienne Obadia Junior Research Fellow, Gender Studies and Anthropology King’s College, University of Cambridge
220. Prof. Angela Y. Davis Political activist, academic and author, University of California USA
221. Adam Szymczyk Art Critic and Curator, Poland
222. Anupam Erid Artist, De Montfort University Leicester, UK
223. Valerie De Craene Researcher at Cosmopolis, Free University of Brussels, Belgium
224. Ass. Prof. Bojana Videkanic Department of Fine Arts, University of Waterloo, Canada
225. Prof. Silvia Federici Political theorist and activist, USA
226. Cinta Arasa Political scientist and writer, Catalonia
227. Prof. Montserrat Palau Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Catalonia
228. Katrin Olafsdottier Filmmaker, UK
229. Darnell Stephen Summers Filmmaker and musician, Germany
230. Julia Pascal Playwright and theater director, UK
231. Prof. James Ferguson Stanford University, USA
233. Hawre Ahmed Master of human rights, FAU University, Germany
234. Tengezar Marini Sociologist, poet and writer
235. Joel Berger PhD Consulting Scientist
236. Choly Fayaq Writer, Germany
237. The Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston and Rice University, USA
238. Prof. Premilla Nadasen Barnard College, USA
239. Vicenç Carabassa CREAF, Catalonia
240. Prof. Fina Birulés University of Barcelona, Catalonia
241. Dr John Seed London, UK
242. Prof. Denise J. Tartaglia, ret. Toronto, Canada
243. Jordi Bosch Research Biologist, Spain
244. Dr. Marcos Fernández University of Antwerpen, Belgium
245. Dr. Aleixandre Verger CREAF, Barcelona
246. Ass. Prof. Taher Ahmadi Nyenrode Business University, Netherlands
247. Dr Eugene Nulman Birmingham City University, UK
248. Ass. Prof. Engin Sustam Academic for Peace invited to Paris 8 University, FMSH Assoc. Research, Cetobac, EHESS
249. Marek Mikuš Head of the DFG Emmy Noether Research Group, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany
250. Ass. Prof. Amanda Wilson Saint Paul University, Canada
251. Prof. David Gràcia Escola Massana, Art and Design Centre, Catalonia
252. Prof. Enrique Tudela Historian, UOC (Open University of Catalonia)
253. Prof. Eduard Eibar UOC (Open University of Catalonia)
254. Prof. Marina Garcés UOC (Open University of Catalonia)
255. Katharina Hetzeneder Designer, Catalonia
256. Porf. Jordi Solé Blanch UOC (Open University of Catalonia)
257. Gelawesh Waledkhani Artist, Norway
258. Omer Muhammed Editor in Chief of Anfalistan Magazine, Human rights activist
259. Ass. Prof. Tània Verge Mestre UPF, Catalonia
260. Jaafar Omer Ahmed Psychiatrist, Iraq
261. Lars Troels Møller Literary translator, Denmark
262. Dr. Ismael Faqe Iraq
263. Dr. Sabri Zebari Iraq
264. Ali Ostovar Artist, Iran/Germany
265. Raboon Azad Communciation Engineer, Kurdistan
266. Ezgi Özcan Post-Doctoral Researcher University of Massachusetts Amherst ,USA
267. Runak Shwani Writer, Sweden
268. Sofie Kragh-Müller Artist, Denmark
269. Zarahn Southon indigenous artist from Aotearoa (New Zealand)
270. Iara Lee Cultures of Resistance
271. Prof. Francisco Oneto ISCTE, Portugal
272. Madhat Kakei Painter, Kurdistan
273. Prof. Alessandra De Rossi Italy
274. Dr. Rahim Khakpour Payame Noor University, Iran
275. Sherko Abbas Artist, Iraq/UK
276. Shayan Askary MP in Parliament of Kurdistan, Iraq
277. Derek Mortimer Writer, Australia
278. Gavin Gatenby Writer/artist/video documentary maker
279. Hardi Kurda Composer and musician, Sweden
280. Anthropology and Social Change Department at San Francisco California Institute of Integral Studies
281. Dr. Claudia Martinho Artist and Researcher, Portugal
282. Prof. Domnica Radulescu Comparative Literature, Writer and Playwright, USA
283. Lorna Zukas, PhD Visiting Scholar African and African-American Studies Research Center University of California, San Diego, USA
284. Prof. Alex Zukas History, National University, USA
285. Adj. Ass. Prof. Hussein Tahiri Victoria University, Australia
286. Phil Sandford Writer, Australia
287. Marco Cerqueira PhD student, Washington State University, USA
288. Ken Mansell Independent Labor Historian, Australia
289. Prof. Sunaina Maira UC Davis Organizer, US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI)
290. Mr. C.P.Geevan, Ph.D. Independent Researcher, Environmental Activist and Former Senior Scientist, India
291. Omid Shakiba Filmmaker and Film Instructor, Canada
292. Ass. Prof. Ariel Salzmann Islamic and World History, Queen’s University, Canada
293. Stanley Thangaraj Anthropology, Gender Studies, and International Studies City College of New York, USA
294. iLiana Fokianaki theorist&curator, director State of Concept Athens, Greece
295. wendelien van oldenborgh Artist, Germany
296. Paul Maunder, PhD New Zealand
297. Ass. Prof. Alka Arora Women’s Spirituality
California Institute of Integral Studies
298. Dr Paul Maunder Writer and theatre practitioner, New Zealand
299. Brandon Edwards-Schuth PhD Student at Washington State University, USA
300. Adriana Garriga-López Department Chair and Associate Professor of Anthropology, KALAMAZOO COLLEGE, Anthropology and Sociology Department, USA
301. John Bloomberg-Rissman Librarian (Emeritus) UC Riverside , USA
302. Shantanav Chakraborty Postdoctoral Fellow QuIC, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
303. Yaseen Khalil, PhD Research Associate School of Agriculture and Environment / Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI), Australia
304. Dlawar Rahimi
Journalist, Writer, France
305. Dario Vacirca  PhD Candidate, Art and Performance Group School of Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University
306. Øystein Grønning Architect and Urbanist MNAL, Oslo Norway
307. Prof. Anthony Alessandrini City University of New York, USA
308. Ass. Prof. Valentin Schaepelynck University Paris 8, France
309. Prof. Stellan Vinthagen Sociology at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
310. Ben Altman Artist, USA/UK, 2019 Fellow, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.
311. Marilyn Hacker poet and translator Edward Saïd Chair in American Studies, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
312. Prof. Stef Craps Director, Cultural Memory Studies, Ghent University, Belgium
313. Laura Raicovich writer and curator, NYC, USA
314. Prof. Stephen Zunes Politics, University of San Francisco, USA
315. Sid Shniad Founding member Independent Jewish Voices Canada
316. Tish Noel Artist, USA
317. Dr. Michael J. Carpenter University of Victoria, Canada
318. Dominica Patterson University of British Columbia, Canada
319. Norma Claire Moruzzi University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
320. Sherry Millner Filmmaker and Professor, CUNY Staten Island, USA
321. Dr. Wanda Kurtçu Educational Leadership and filmmaker, San Leandro, California, USA
323. Pezhmann Mokary Filmmaker, Denmark
324. Peter Forrester Musical instrument maker and artist
325. Primož Mlačnik Junior Researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Department of Cultural studies / writer, Slovenia
326. Ass. Prof. Aziz Choudry Research Chair in social movement learning and knowledge production, McGill University, Canada
327. Michaela Crimmin Reader in Art and Conflict, Royal College of Art 4Cs research programme Co-director Culture+Conflict , UK
328. Prof. Jennifer Kabat Writer, The New School and the School for Visual Arts, USA
329. Walter Bilderback Dramaturg, USA
330. Khabat Abas Musician, Sweden
331. Ass. Prof. Katherine Sammler California State University Maritime, United States
332. Doc. PhDr. Michal Vašečka, PhD Program Director Bratislava Policy Institute
333. Rachele Borghi Geographer and activist Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
334. Giovanna Cavatorta Postdoctoral Fellow – CNRS – France
335. Maya Ramsay Artist
336. Prof. Shahrzad Mojab University of Toronto, Canada
337. Javier Toscano Academic and artist, Mexico/Germany
338. Seyran Fahim Artist, Iran
339. Shir Hacham PhD student, Tel Aviv University, Israel
340. Prof. Tobias Kelly Political and Legal Anthropology, University of Edinburgh, Scottland
341. Lotte Buch Segal Lecturer in Social Anthroplogy, University of Edinburgh, Scottland
342. Ass. Prof. Sima Shaksari, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota, USA
343. Maia Gusberti Artist, Switzerland
344. Prof. Dr. Angela Koch University of Arts and Design Linz, Austria
345. Ass. Prof. Alan Fotoohi Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm Sweden
346. Prof. Yann Beauvais Filmmaker, ENSAPC Paris-Cergy, France
347. Prof. J. Kēhaulani Kauanui Wesleyan University, Connecticut USA
348. Poshya Kakil Artist and Arc, USA