A major Turkish weapons manufacturer. It is best known for its vast range of unguided rockets as well as laser and infrared guided missiles. It supplies the Turkish armed forces.

In 2018, Roketsan gained a contract from the Turkish state for the supply of marine missiles. It is also working with BMC on the production of Turkey’s Altay ‘national’ battle tank.

In late 2018, at a meeting in Paris between Emmanuel Macron and Erdoğan, a deal was finalised whereby Turkish companies Roketsan and Aselsan would cooperate with MBDA (a partnership of Italy’s Leonardo, BAE Systems from the UK and Airbus from the Netherlands) and French company Thales.

This shameful contract was signed in the context of Turkey’s continued ethnic cleansing in Afrin, and plans for a full-scale attack on Rojava.

Links to Erdoğan and the Turkish state

Roketsan is 55.39% owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF). President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the chair of TAFF. TAFF was established by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology in 1973 to reduce the Turkish military’s reliance on foreign imports of arms.

TAFF’s board of trustees include the Minister of National Defence and the Deputy Chief of the General Staff. All of TAFF’s managers are, or have been, officers in the Turkish armed forces.

Collaboration with Lockheed Martin

Roketsan is working with Lockheed Martin on the development of cruise missiles for the F35 aircraft. The deal with Lockheed was made at DSEI arms fair in London in 2015.

Basic company information

Global reach: Headquartered in Ankara, with a global reach.

Business area: Weapons manufacturer, software.

Founded: 1988

Number of employees: 1,900

Ownership: Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (55.3%), Vakifbank (9.93%), Aselsan (14.89%), Navitaş Elektrik, Işbir Elektrik (001%), MKEK 15.1%

People: Selçuk Yasar

Revenue: $0.29 billion


Take action

  • Protest Roketsans’s participation in the biannual DSEI arms fair, to be held in London this September.
  • Demand Lockheed Martin (US), Airbus (Netherlands), Thales (France), Leonardo (Italy) and BAE Systems (UK) end all business relationship with Roketsan, and that they stops arming Turkey.
  • Demand that investors divest from Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Thales, Leonardo, BAE Systems and MBDA. Many of these companies are registered on the US or London stock exchanges. Airbus share are also traded in Germany and the Netherlands
  • Pressure the Italian and French governments to end their support for Turkey’s long-range missile programme.
  • Boycott Vakifbank, because of their ownership of shares in Roketsan. Pressure international companies and investors not to do business with Vakifbank.