Initially a German company, the popular Grundig white goods, TV and radio brand was bought out by Arçelik in 2007 as a way to expand further into the European market. It is now headquartered in Istanbul. However, it maintains a presence in Nuremberg, Germany.

Koç, Grundig’s ultimate parent company, also owns Otokar, a company which manufactures the Cobra and Akrep military vehicles and worked on the design model of the Altay battle tank. Koç’s subsidiary, Ford Otosan, produces vehicles for the Turkish police.

Global Presence

Arçelik, Grundig’s parent company, is the third largest household appliances company in Europe. The Grundig brand has a presence in 65 countries.

Take Action

  • Boycott Grundig products.
  • Campaign for shops not to stock Beko products. Organise demonstrations outside stores that do.
  • Campaign against Grundig’s sponsorship deals: Arçelik is promoting the Grundig brand, in a bid to increase its profits. Convince sponsors to drop these sponsorship deals because of Koç’s involvement in arming Turkey.
    Grundig is the named sponsor of the Norwegian Women’s and Men’s Handball League.
  • Massimo Bottura, the Italian celebrity chef and patron of the Osteria Franscescana restaurants is Grundig’s brand ambassador. Call on Bottura to drop his sponsorship deal with Grundig.
A police vehicle manufactured by Otokar – part of the same corporate group as Grundig

Basic company information

Employees: 1,600

Type of business: Grundig is a brandname owned by Arçelik

Business area: White goods, domestic appliances (including televisions and radios), consumer electronics, personal care products

Founded: 1930, but bought by Arçelik in 2007

Ownership: The Grundig brand is owned by Turkish company Arçelik. Arçelik, in turn, is owned by the Koç holding company.