Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and TUSAŞ


The world’s 76th largest arms company, located in Ankara, TAI produces F16 jets in collaboration with Lockheed Martin, as well as helicopters, and drones for both attack and surveillance.

TAI and TUSAŞ are currently producing the new Turkish TF-X twin engine fighter jet which will work alongside F35 jets. The Turkish Air Force is planning to buy over 250 TF-X jets, which it intends to introduce in 2025. Since it renewed its attacks on Kurdish guerillas and civilians in 2015, Turkey stated that it will buy 30 new drones, 15 of which will come from TAI. The other 15 will come from Turkish company Baykar Makina. The Turkish police stated that they are “to be used against rising terror attacks”.

In 2014, the T129 ATAK helicopter was brought into use by the Turkish Airforce, developed by TAI and Italian arms company AgustaWestland (now Leonardo).

In 2019, it was announced that TAI would be manufacturing the ATAK-2 helicopter, to be used in an “armed scouting role.”


Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) unveiled its new Anka Block A unpiloted drone in February 2016. Turkish Deputy Defence Minister Suay Alpay stated: “We are now engaged in a critical anti-terror fight…These assets built by the local industry will augment our fight.”

Links to Erdoğan and the Turkish state

TAI is 54.49% owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF). President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the chair of TAFF. TAFF was established by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology in 1973 to reduce the Turkish military’s reliance on foreign imports of arms.

TAFF’s board of trustees include the Minister of National Defence and the Deputy Chief of the General Staff. All of TAFF’s managers are, or have been, officers in the Turkish armed forces.

Take action

  • Protest TAI’s involvement in London’s biannual DSEI arms fair, to be held in September 2019 in London’s Docklands.
  • Protest against Lockheed Martin’s partnership with TAI, and its arming of Turkey.

Basic company information

Global Presence: Headquartered in Ankara. The company has a global reach.

Business area: Manufacturer of drones and drone systems, military aircraft, helicopters,

Founded: 2005

Traded on: Istanbul Stock Exchange

Ownership: Owned by a number of Turkish state and quasi state industries: Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (54.49%), Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (45.45%), Turkish Aeronautical Association (0.06%).

People: Oğuz Borat, Temel Kotil (President and CEO)

Subsidiaries: View a list of TAI’s subsidiaries here

Participation in arms fairs: View a full list of TAI’s participation in arms fairs.

Website: https://www.tai.com