Tüpraş are just interested in profit”, “Kurdish people are getting no benefits from [The oil refinery]”. The underground water is really bad quality and air pollution is becoming a big problem. Illnesses that affect people’s breathing are increasing. In Turkey, Batman has the highest rate of these illnesses, especially in children. It’s because of the air pollution which comes from the refinery here in Batman. They are only partially refining the oil here but it’s enough to pollute the air.

Nature doesn’t belong to big companies, and our future shouldn’t be in the hands of capitalists.”

Batman Ecological Assembly in a 2015 interview with Corporate Watch


Tüpraş operates several oil refineries in Turkey and considers itself “one of the locomotives of our country’s economy.”


Tüpraş’ origins go back to İPRAŞ, a company set up by US corporation CALTEX. In 1983 İPRAŞ was brought into state ownership. The company was privatised and is now owned by Koç Holding.

Global Presence: Worldwide

Type of business: Subsidiary of Koç group

Business area: Oil and gas

Founded: 1983

Number of employees: Over 5000

Ownership: Controlled by Koç Holding. Shares owned by Koç, Aygaz (a Koç subsidiary), Enerji Yatrimlari and Opet (Koç subsidiary).

Traded on: Bursa Istanbul (BIST)

Revenues: $53.9 billion (2017)

Profits: $0.71 billion (2017)

People: Omer Koç (Chair), Ali Koç (Vice Chair)

Website: http://www.tupras.com.tr/

Links to the arms trade

Koç, Tüpraş’ parent company, owns subsidiaries which manufacture tanks, military and police vehicles for the Turkish state.

Refining Daesh’s Oil

Many researchers have accused Tüpraş of buying and refining oil pillaged by Daesh, including from Raqqa and Deir-al Zor.

Ecological devastation in Batman

Tüpraş operates a refinery in Batman in Bakur, (North Kurdistan / Southeast Turkey). It is causing massive ecological devastation there.

Take action

If you are a student, make sure your academic institution doesn’t have research partnerships with Tüpraş or Koç Holding.