The #RiseUp4Rojava Smash Turkish Fascism campaign is a worldwide platform for the defence of the Rojava Revolution and its achievements.

#RiseUp4Rojava compiles research to prove how the Turkish fascist state is supported by weapon deals, global governments and financial institutions. Boycott Turkey has contributed resources and research to the #RiseUp4Rojava campaign.

Members of the groups which form #RiseUp4Rojava take actions against the places of military, diplomatic and economical cooperation with Turkish fascism in our countries.

RiseUp4Rojava is calling for global resistance against the current invasion of Northern Syria

From the 21-27 October RU4R is calling on people to block the check in counters of Turkish Airlines flights, to prevent flights being able to take off.

On 2nd November we are calling for a global resistance day in solidarity with the Rojava revolution.

Campaign materials and resources

#RiseUp4Rojava website

Past actions

Call for a global Day of Action on 6/7 September

Call for actions on ‘Day X’ – if Turkey launches a new full-scale invasion of Rojava

Mayday 2019 international #RiseUpforRojava call to action

List of #Riseup4Rojava actions

Background information on Turkish fascism and the companies supporting it

List of organisations supporting the #Riseup4Rojava campaign

#Riseup4Rojava on Twitter

#Riseup4Rojava on Facebook

Map of weapons delivery to the Turkish state compiled by #RiseUp4Rojava