Turkish Government Criticised For Dismissal of Health Workers

As part of widespread measures to quash dissent the Turkish state has dismissed over 15,000 health care workers and academics due to their political views.

With the severity of Corona virus infections and deaths increasing in Turkey, there has been renewed pressure to reinstate these health care workers.

One such worker is HDP MP Dr Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu who was among the thousands dismissed by the state. He has called on the government to reinstate dismissed medical staff.

In a statement he notes how the Turkish healthcare system is already understaffed and in desperate need of more workers to properly fight the Corona crisis.

These workers are also prohibited from leaving the country to assist efforts to combat the virus across the globe. At a time when medical staff are desperately needed, the authoritarian politics of the Turkish state is affecting not just Turkish and Kurdish peoples but the whole world.

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