Turkish Grand Prix Announced Despite Sporting Boycott

For the first time since 2011, Turkey is set to host a Grand Prix this Novemeber. The decision by Formula One comes despite the on-going sporting boycott of Turkey. Just like in Apartheid South Africa, the regime in Turkey uses sporting events to launder its international reputation and promote tourism.

Both these purposes play a key role in allowing the regime to continue its illegal wars in Kurdistan, Syria, Iraq and across the region. The Turkish state also continues to repress anyone who dares to criticise the government at home.

Question have also been raised about the safety of Turkey during the current coronavirus crisis. The virus continues to be an issue in Turkey and the true extent of Covid-19 may be unknown given reports of the regime down-playing the number of Corona cases.

By deciding to host races in Turkey, Formula One is helping Turkey to white-wash its bloody repression of political opponents and minorities. The Grand Prix is set to go ahead on the 15th of November, in Turkey’s Istanbul Intercity Park. We are calling on all fans, drivers, institutions and others associated with F1 to support the sporting boycott.

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