Actions of the 19th july: #pirozbe – Congratulations to the Revolution

July 19: #pirozbe – Congratulations for the Revolution

July 19th is an important day in our history. It is the anniversary of the Rojava Revolution.

View the gallery of solidarity pictures from around the world here

To draw attention to this historic day, we have called this year for a social media campaign as the global RISEUP FOR ROJAVA network. We have called for videos and images to send congratulations to the people of Rojava and to make clear what the Rojava revolution means and why it
must be defended.

On Facebook and Twitter thousands of people used the hashtags #pirozbe & #riseup4rojava to congratulate the people of Rojava, shared pictures and videos, remembered the fallen and shared with countless other people what the revolution in Rojava means to them.

But the revolution in Rojava is currently once again under a concrete threat of being wiped out by the Turkish army. Therefore, as RISEUP FOR ROJAVA network for September 6 and 7, we call for creative direct actions to show the warlords and imperialist states what we think of them.

Together we will disturb, block and occupy in Italy, Germany, Catalonia, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and many other countries. Join the actions in your countries, think up your own or show solidarity in other ways!

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