Kobani Canton Council call for boycott of Turkish goods: Do not pay for our death

This report from ANF English was published on 30 October, 2019Tweet

Under the slogan “No Turkish goods” and in harmony with popular positions rejecting the Turkish aggression on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, the Kobani Canton Council distributed leaflets to the people calling on them to boycott Turkish goods.

On Wednesday, Kobani Canton Council called on the people to boycott Turkish goods, in continuation of popular positions rejecting the Turkish occupation of areas in northern and eastern Syria.

The members of the council and its administration met on al-Tilal Street in the center of Kobani and the co-chair of the Kobani Canton Council, Mustafa Ito “It is incumbent upon all to stand up to the Turkish aggression against the region and the catastrophe it caused to the inhabitants of northern and eastern Syria, killing, destruction, looting and displacement of the original inhabitants of the region.

He stressed the need for people to refrain from importing Turkish-made goods to affect the Turkish economy, which supports the Turkish aggression on the region.

Following the completion of the statement, the Council distributed leaflets to shops on al-Tillal Street, one of Kobani’s most commercially lively streets.

“Do not pay for our death, boycott the goods of the Turkish occupation,” reads the leaflets. “No to Turkish Goods, together to Boycott Turkish goods.”

It should be noted that the students of Kobani University issued a statement yesterday in which they announced to join the popular campaign to boycott Turkish goods, and appealed to the people of the region to join the campaign and boycott all Turkish goods.

The students of the university said that the benefits reaped by Turkey from the proceeds of trade by exporting goods to the region turn into bullets and hit the children of the region’s children.

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