Turkish Army Razes Forest in Bitlis

Earlier this month, as part of military operations in Bitlis, Turkish forced burned thousands of acres of local forests to the ground. Locals estimate that almost 90% of the forest was destroyed by the fires. The fires are part of a military operation launched against 24 villages in the majority Kurdish region of Bitlis. This … Read more

Online Boycott Turkey Talk on Tuesday 16th

This coming Tuesday, Boycott Turkey UK will be hosting a talk about the campaign as part of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan‘s Kurdish Tuesday events. The event will be at 7pm (UK time) on Tuesday the 16th of June. Speakers include Nilüfer Koç from the KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) who will discuss why the Kurdish Freedom Movement … Read more

New Campaign to Boycott Trader Joe’s Links to Turkish Regime

Rojava solidarity activists in the USA have launched a new campaign calling for the grocer Trader Joe’s to stop stocking goods linked to the Turkish state. Whilst the company continues to profit from Turkish state fascism the campaign will continue its call for a nationwide boycott of the store. The campaign has been launched “in … Read more

Protests Across Europe Against Turkish Attacks in Shengal

Recent air strikes by the Turkish military in the area of Northern Iraq known as Shengal (or Sinjar in Arabic) have prompted a wave of protests across Europe. Such air strikes have occurred before and often target Kurdish political groups including fighters who defended the Yazidi community in the area against ISIS’ genocidal attacks. Such … Read more

KCDK-E calls for a boycott of Turkish tourism and goods

First published by ANF Firat The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) Co-presidency Council calls for active participation in the boycott campaign of Turkish tourism and goods, which are used for financing massacre and ethnic cleansing of the Turkish state. The statement released by KCDK-E Co-presidency Council reads as follows: “The bloody Turkish state is … Read more

Iraqi Kurds boycott Turkish goods after Syria assault

From AFP Activists have set their sights on Turkish imports in response to Turkey’s controversial two-week offensive against the Kurdish-run administration in northern Syria (AFP Photo/AHMAD AL-RUBAYE) Sulaimaniyah (Iraq) (AFP) – Shopkeepers in Iraq’s Kurdish region have been responding to activists’ calls to boycott Turkish goods in protest at Ankara’s assault on Kurdish forces in … Read more

Kobani Canton Council call for boycott of Turkish goods: Do not pay for our death

This report from ANF English was published on 30 October, 2019Tweet Under the slogan “No Turkish goods” and in harmony with popular positions rejecting the Turkish aggression on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, the Kobani Canton Council distributed leaflets to the people calling on them to boycott Turkish goods. On Wednesday, Kobani Canton … Read more