Stop the Turkish Invasion, 2nd Mass Demo in London, 20th October

On Wednesday 9th October 2019, the Turkish state began its long promised invasion of North-East Syria. Run by a Kurdish-led administration on the principles of direct democracy, pluralism, ecological justice, a cooperative economy and women’s liberation, it was the most peaceful and stable part of Syria. The movement leading the administration is the same movement that defeated ISIS, and has now been abandoned by the US-led coalition it assisted. They guard over 70,000 ISIS fighters, families and supporters, and in the last week more than 750 have escaped following Turkish bombing of prisons and detention camps. The Turkish state invasion is nothing short of an ISIS liberation mission, and we are witnessing their resurgence.

In less than a week of its expanded racist anti-Kurdish war in northern Syria the Turkish state and its Jihadist mercenaries have committed war crimes. These include the targeted assassination of Kurdish woman politician, Hevrin Khalaf, who was working to build bridges between the different communities of North-East Syria–a war crime described as a ‘successful operation’ in Turkish media. The Turkish state’s jihadist mercenaries include ex-ISIS fighters, trained and equipped by the second largest army in NATO. Since March 2018 they have occupied Afrin in north-western Syria, committing crimes against humanity and ethnically cleansing the region of its Christian, Kurdish and Yazidi inhabitants. Now the same fate awaits North-East Syria’s population, not only Kurds but also Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Chechens, Khaldeans Turkmen, Syriacs and Yazidi.

So this invasion is leading to a resurgence of ISIS, genocidal ethnic cleansing, and a new refugee crisis–over 70,000 have fled since last Wednesday, but there is no safe haven left. Syria’s last hope for a democratic solution, beneficial to all its people, is being fast destroyed by a NATO army, and with it one of the most important examples of how to build a truly democratic, ecological and feminist society.

Over 11,000 people gave their lives in the struggle to defeat ISIS, including 8 British citizens, such as Anna Campbell, Killed by a Turkish airstrike in Afrin in March last year. We will not ignore their sacrifice, we will #RiseUp4Rojava and stop the genocidal invasion of North-East Syria!

The British Government must immediately use its NATO position to STOP this unprovoked invasion, impose a NO FLY ZONE and sanctions including halting arms sales to the Turkish Government.

Join us to demonstrate in solidarity with Kurds and all the people of North-East Syria!

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