Turkey Accused of Deporting Uighurs to China

Turkey has been accused of deporting Uighur Muslims back to China via third countries that neighbor the western Chinese province of Xinjiang, where hundreds of thousands are said to be held in concentration camps, the Middle East Eye reported.

Ankara denies that it has deported Uighur Muslims to China, but activists fear that Turkey has sent them back via third countries such as Tajikistan, where it is easier for Beijing to secure their extradition.

Fears over Kuwanhan’s fate comes as İstanbul’s Uighur community continues to live on edge after Middle East Eye reported that Turkey had threatened to deport Uighur refugees back to China.

Documents obtained by Middle East Eye show that Turkey had rejected several applications for Uighurs hoping to obtain long-term residency inside the country.

Going back to China could mean possible imprisonment for Uighurs, who have reportedly been the victims of various abuses by the Chinese authorities.

Turkey has historically been a safe haven for Uighurs, a Turkic minority, fleeing religious persecution in China since the 1960s, with thousands living in cities across the country.

While Ankara has criticized Beijing over its treatment of Uighurs, Turkey was not among the 22 countries that called for an investigation into abuses inside China at the United Nations Human Rights Council earlier this month.

The news reveals how Turkey continues to enable human rights abuses in spite of its public criticisms of China’s treatment of Muslims. Turkey’s attempts to posture as a global defender of persecuted Muslims appear to be more PR than reality.

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