Global Day of Action Sees Protests Against Turkish Violence

Organisers and community groups across the world took part in a global weekend of action in solidarity with the democratic revolution in Rojava. The revolution’s multi-ethnic feminist democracy has long been considered a threat by Turkey as it poses an alternative to the violent nationalist policies of the regime.

As part of these actions activists highlighted the role Turkey plays in attacking democracy and women’s rights in the region. Protests also highlighted the complicity of many states and corporations in supporting the regime in Ankara.

Actions in Europe

One such protest took place in Bilbao, where activists rallied carrying banners condemning Turkish state violence. Elsewhere in the Basque country, protests took place against the SAPA arms factory in Donostia. The factory supplies weapons to regimes including Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Weapons which have been used to commit ethnic cleansing and violence against civilians. Similar protests also took place in Andoain.

Solidarity actions also took place in various cities across Spain; including Madrid. Protests also took place in Catalonia. With protests, rallies and posters condemning the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria.

In the British Isles solidarity actions took place in various places. Many actions targeted companies like TUI for their complicity in Turkish state violence. This included our own online comms blockade against TUI. In England a large rally took place in London, alongside actions in cities like Bristol and Lincoln. Activists in Bristol picketed their local TUI office calling on the company to drop holidays to Turkey. Protests also took place outside the EDO-MBM factory which supplies drone parts and technology to Turkey.

Similar actions took place in towns, villages and cities across Wales. Organisers in Cardiff took part in various actions including a protest outside of TUI’s offices in the city.

Similar protests took place across Germany in cities like Munich, Freiburg and Stuttgart. In Lausanne, Swiss Kurdish community groups gathered to condemn Turkey’s continued attacks against Kurdish peoples throughout the Middle East. Protests also took place in France, Belgium, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Poland and Italy.

North America

Many protesters already gathering against police brutality in the US also showed their solidarity with democratic forces in Rojava. Solidarity messages and banners came from across the country. With organisers in Portland, Nashville, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC supporting the days of action.

Solidarity actions also took place in Canada. In the city of Toronto a rally was held condeming the Turkish state’s war on the Kurds. Activists highlighted the continued sale of Canadian drones to Turkey despite Turkey’s repeated and severe human rights violations.

Latin America

Women’s groups from across Latin America organised an online rally to show their solidarity. The protest also highlighted the femicidal violence common under Turkish occupation. Kurdish women’s groups have often borne the brunt of Turkish state repression and violence committed by Jihadist groups allied to Turkey. Physical protests also took place in Brazil, Argentina and other nations.

Oceania and Asia

Protests also took place across Australia, including a gathering in Sydney. Multiple Indonesian cities saw solidarity protests take place.

Organisers in Turkey and across Kurdistan also gathered to celebrate the Rojava revolution and honour those killed by Turkish violence and in the fight against ISIS. Protests also took place in cities in Syria such as Manbijj and Aleppo.

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