KCDK-E calls for a boycott of Turkish tourism and goods

First published by ANF Firat

The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) Co-presidency Council calls for active participation in the boycott campaign of Turkish tourism and goods, which are used for financing massacre and ethnic cleansing of the Turkish state.

The statement released by KCDK-E Co-presidency Council reads as follows:

“The bloody Turkish state is waging a genocidal war against the Kurdish people, using economic and political resources. It has massacred civilians; women, children or the elderly in discriminately. Turkey does not abstain from using all kinds of weapons and chemical weapons in the ethnic cleansing massacres.

In the territories Turkey has occupied, with its ISIS remnant gangs, it commits plunder, stealing and massacres. It spends a large portion of its economic output in this genocidal war. For this purpose, it carries out massacres and genocides by mobilizing all of its economic and political resources.

Turkish goods sold abroad and tourism provide the greater share of these economic opportunities. Millions of euros made in these ways are used to shed Kurdish blood. Obviously, the greatest source of the Turkish state’s ability to continue the genocidal war against the Kurds, constituted by the economic strength, are gained from goods sold abroad and tourism revenues. Therefore, it is a national and humanitarian duty to boycott and block Turkish produced food, textiles, other export goods and tourism with a campaign, which constitute an important pillar of its economic resource.

Millions of Kurds in diaspora whichever country they live in, along with the Turks, revolutionaries, democrats, intellectuals, opposition of the Turkish government and friends of the Kurds around the world should boycott Turkish goods and tourism effectively. We should carry out an extensive boycott campaign against the Turkish goods and tourism, to weaken the occupying Turkish state to the level that it can no longer wage war.


We must continue to work effectively to prevent the sale of Turkish made food, textile and other goods and tourism. We should invite and encourage all our friends around the world, democrats, peace defenders, ecologists, feminists, leftists, intellectuals and artists to strengthen this boycott. We must start an effective campaign for boycotting Turkish goods and tourism in all areas of life. We need to spread the struggle to the widest areas by unifying the peoples of the world to join this boycott campaign. Kurds and their friends should know that every penny going to Turkey is turned by the genocidal Turkish state to weapons and ammunition with which to massacre the Kurdish people.

The Turkish state carries out the war against the peoples of Kurdistan in all areas by dirty methods. All fields of military, economy, diplomacy, press, education, social, private and psychological warfare are at the service of the genocidal war in Kurdistan. Our people and our friends should wage the struggle against Turkish colonialism in all areas of life. We can end the occupation in all areas, including Afrin, by conducting our struggle and resistance continuously with friends and peoples of the world in all areas.

If you read the Turkish warmongering newspapers, watch Turkish TVs, if you send money to Turkey, if you market Turkish goods, if you buy Turkish goods, if you go to Turkey for vacation, if you do paid military service for the Turkish army, you must know that you’re supporting this war indirectly. By doing this, you support this war and with this support Kurds, Assyrians, Armenians, Arabs, Alevis, Yazidis, Christian, Muslims, women and children are slaughtered.

Despite all the impossibilities and difficult conditions, let’s support the boycott started in Southern Kurdistan and Rojava. Let us deepen the economic crisis of the Turkish state and make her unable to wage war. This could be achieved when each of us all join the boycott relentlessly.

We can achieve the objective of the boycott campaign against the Turkish goods and tourism when we are able to reach out the broadest, larger portion of the Kurds and their friends in all over the world. When we deepen the economic crisis of the genocidal Turkish state with a boycott, we can bring the war against the people of Rojava to the level that it cannot prolong.

As KCDK-E, we invite the Kurds in Europe and around the world, the world’s democrat, peace activists, ecologists, feminists, leftists, intellectuals, artists, all our friends, to actively participate in the boycott campaign.”

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