Turkish Rocket Attacks Against Rojava

According to reports from the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, Northeastern Syria has been hit by numerous rocket attacks in recent days.

Turkish military forces and their allied Jihadist proxies “fired several rockets in the early hours of Friday morning, targeting the villages of Al-Fakkah, Abboush, Qabbour, Qarajnah, Qabr Al-Kebar and Al-Darrarah in Tal Tamr countryside” which is jointly controlled by regime forces and Syrian Democratic Forces.

Although no casualties have been reported, earlier bombardment by artillery shelling on Afdaki village in rural Tal Abyad in northern Raqqa province are said to have lead to casualties.

Shelling also occurred on the 5th of May, the attacks targeted the M4 Highway and nearby villages. Although no casualties have been reported, it is thought that the bombardment damaged the M4 Highway which acts as a key transport route for the region.

Any such damage to infrastructure hinders efforts to prevent and contain the Corona virus in the region and represents a continued failure to comply with the UN’s calls for a global Covid-19 ceasefire.

The attacks may signal renewed moves for another illegal invasion of the region by the Turkish state

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