Hunger Strikers Protest Conditions in Turkish Prisons

Several political prisoners inside the Turkish carceral system have launched hunger strikes. Political prisoners in Mardin and Urfa have started an indefinite hunger strike against the unbearable conditions of detention. In the E-type prison in Mardin, Elif Deniz, Ronahi Sırdaş and Melek Evren have started an indefinite hunger strike against the violations they have suffered. … Read more

Stuttgart Protest in Solidarity with Political Prisoners

Activists in the German city of Stuttgart took action in solidarity with the thousands of political prisoners incarcerated by the authoritarian Turkish state. Activists unfurled a banner on a Lurdwigsburg-Stuttgart bridge saying “Freedom for all political prisoners”. The issue of political prisoners has become increasingly prominent in Turkey following the recent “Law of Execution” passed in parliament. … Read more

Erdoğan Criticised For Palace Construction During Covid-19 Crisis

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has faced mounting criticism for the continued construction of a palace in Ahlat, province of Bitlis, on the shores of Lake Van. The Palace is set to cost 125 million Turkish Lira. The growing death toll of Covid-19 and a lack of medical resources in Turkey has prompted critics to point … Read more

Opposition Parties Criticise New Prison Law

Eleven opposition parties including the HDP have expressed strong opposition to the new Criminal Enforcement bill planned by the Turkish state. The bill makes provisions for the release of prisoners during the Corona crisis but crucially excludes the release of political prisoners. Opposition parties have branded this exclusion as a cruel denial of political prisoners’ … Read more

Growing Calls to Release Prisoners From Turkish Prisons

Activists, civil society members and medical professionals are calling on the Turkish state to free prisoners in the wake of the Corona virus crisis. The confined and crowded conditions in Turkish prisons have lead doctors like Dr. Kamuran Yıldırım to liken them to morgues. Dr. Yıldırım’s wife, Gülser Yıldırım, is one of the many political … Read more