Leaked Documents Show Transfer of Huge Sums from Libya to Turkish Arms Company

A recently leaked document details the transfer of €169 million by the al-Sarraj government to the accounts of the Turkish state owned arms company SSTEK. Turkey’s continued involvement in the Libyan civil war has drawn criticism with some branding it a return to Ottoman imperialism. The document also shows that the head of the Finance … Read more

Lawyers March Against State Repression

Following a new bill proposing to restrict lawyers’ ability to criticise the Turkish state, lawyers from across Turkey have joined a march protesting the bill. Chairpersons of bar associations from all over the country started the march to Ankara last Friday from several provinces. They are protesting against a draft law by the Erdoğan regime … Read more

Inside the Turkish State’s Twitter Propaganda Network

Recent investigations by the social media company Twitter have revealed the extent of the Turkish regime’s use of social media to manufacture consent and spread propaganda. Twitter discovered a network of 7,340 pro-regime accounts which appear to have been run directly by the state in an effort to simulate popular support for the AKP-MHP government. … Read more

BTI Classifies Turkey as an Autocracy for the First Time

Restricted freedom of expression, a gagged press or disempowered constitutional courts – as a rule, these are characteristics of autocracies. But the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s latest Transformation Index shows that the rule of law and political freedoms are also being eroded in an increasing number of democracies. The main causes are abuse of power and cronyism, … Read more

Erdoğan Criticised For Palace Construction During Covid-19 Crisis

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has faced mounting criticism for the continued construction of a palace in Ahlat, province of Bitlis, on the shores of Lake Van. The Palace is set to cost 125 million Turkish Lira. The growing death toll of Covid-19 and a lack of medical resources in Turkey has prompted critics to point … Read more