KCDK-E calls for a boycott of Turkish tourism and goods

First published by ANF Firat The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) Co-presidency Council calls for active participation in the boycott campaign of Turkish tourism and goods, which are used for financing massacre and ethnic cleansing of the Turkish state. The statement released by KCDK-E Co-presidency Council reads as follows: “The bloody Turkish state is … Read more

Reading: closed down pub re-opens as Kobanî House social space

The closed Red Lion pub in Reading was reopened and renamed ‘Kobanî House’ in solidarity with Rojava. The pub, located at Southampton Street, is currently occupied by a group of people and will be run as a social and political space. One of the occupiers said: “In solidarity with the Kurdish Freedom Movement we decided … Read more

In Solidarity With the Kurdish People, Artist Hito Steyerl Demands That Germany Stops Showing Her Work as Part of Cultural Diplomacy

The artist Hito Steyerl has denounced the German government for complicity in the plight of Kurdish people in Northern Syria. Steyerl says she does not want her work shown by Federal German institutions as part of its external cultural diplomacy until the government condemns Turkish aggression and its use of refugees as bargaining chips. The activist-artist made her … Read more

Kobani Canton Council call for boycott of Turkish goods: Do not pay for our death

This report from ANF English was published on 30 October, 2019Tweet Under the slogan “No Turkish goods” and in harmony with popular positions rejecting the Turkish aggression on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, the Kobani Canton Council distributed leaflets to the people calling on them to boycott Turkish goods. On Wednesday, Kobani Canton … Read more