California Senate Votes to Divest From Turkey

Following pressure from Armenian community groups, the Californian senate passed the Turkey Divestment Bill with a vote of 35-0 earlier this year. This means public bodies in the state will now be able to opt out of investments linked to the regime in Turkey. The Turkish state’s continued denial of the 1915 Armenian genocide and … Read more

Protests Against German State’s Attempt to Promote Turkish Holidays

Protests were sparked by the arrival of the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoglu and the Minister of Tourism Nuri Ersoy in Germany. The talks held between the Turkish ministers and the German government in Berlin have been seen as an attempt to revitalise German tourism in Turkey. Turkish tourism has been badly hit by Covid-19 with … Read more

Leaked Documents Show Transfer of Huge Sums from Libya to Turkish Arms Company

A recently leaked document details the transfer of €169 million by the al-Sarraj government to the accounts of the Turkish state owned arms company SSTEK. Turkey’s continued involvement in the Libyan civil war has drawn criticism with some branding it a return to Ottoman imperialism. The document also shows that the head of the Finance … Read more

Company Cars Painted Red to Protest AXA’s Links to Turkey

Activists in Bern, Switzerland took action against the French insurance company AXA for the company’s links to the Turkish state. Activists threw red paint over several AXA company cars to highlight how the corporation is complicit in the atrocities of the Turkish state. They noted how comapnies like AXA, Credit Suisse, Mercedes and Rheinmetall are … Read more

Activists Protest the Turkish State and the Davos Forum

The protests took place as part of an action carried out in the Swiss city of Bern protesting the Davos economic forum. In Bern 5,000 demonstrators protested the World Economic Forum attended by world leaders including US President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Kurdish and Turkish refugees and migrants marched together with … Read more

Basel: Credit Suisse funds Erdogans war!

On 22nd of June, during a demonstration in the Swiss city of Basel, it was made clear that anti-fascism and internationalism are inseparable: Statement on the action against Credit Suisse: “[…] Antifascism has no sense if it is locally limited, it must be internationalistic. For as we can see, the tendency towards authoritarian, reactionary governments … Read more