Boycott Turkey – Defend Kurdistan

Following the recent Turkish offensive in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), the fascist murder of Deniz Poyraz and escalating attacks against the HDP party in Turkey; it is now more than ever important to Defend Kurdistan. That is why we are making a renewed call to Boycott Turkey; targeting specific brands, arms manufacturers and institutions directly linked … Read more

In Memory of David Graeber

The unexpected and tragic death of the anthropologist, activist and author David Graeber has lead to an outpouring of grief and remembrance from across the globe. David’s work as a theorist was never afraid to ask difficult questions. His essays and books, including: ‘Debt: The First 5000 Years’, ‘Bullshit Jobs’ and many more; are constant … Read more

Online Boycott Turkey Talk on Tuesday 16th

This coming Tuesday, Boycott Turkey UK will be hosting a talk about the campaign as part of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan‘s Kurdish Tuesday events. The event will be at 7pm (UK time) on Tuesday the 16th of June. Speakers include Nilüfer Koç from the KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) who will discuss why the Kurdish Freedom Movement … Read more

Petition To Free Kurdish Poet Ilhan Sami Çomak

Dozens of academics, journalists and human rights activists have signed an open letter to the Boris Johnson and the British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. Along with 70,000 other students imprisoned by the Turkish state Ilhan Sami Çomak was imprisoned for political and anti-Kurdish reasons. The nationalist ideology of the regime means that they see Kurdish … Read more

Education Workers Imprisoned For Demanding Lessons Taught in Their Mother Tongue

On the 19th of February 90 education workers and others involved in trade union activism were sentenced to five months imprisonment. The activists had been involved in a 2015 protest by the Education Workers’ Union (Eğitim-Sen) Izmir branch and Alevi association. They advocated for education in the mother tongue of ethnic and religious minorities. The criminalisation of ethnic … Read more

Kocaeli University Students Arrested For Owning Books

Ten students arrested in 2017 have now been sentenced to prison terms of up to seven and a half years. The students had been accused of “membership of an illegal organisation” for having “celebrated Newroz, protested the arrest of HDP deputies, possessed books and magazines” and protesting against Turkish air strikes in Iraq. The severe sentencing … Read more

Finnish Academics Show Solidarity With Rojava

Academics and students from the Gender Studies department of Åbo Akademi in Turku, Finland expressed their solidarity with Rojava before a public event at the university. They stressed the importance of the Rojava revolution as a beacon of hope and called for global solidarity against the aggression of the Turkish state. The group’s statement explained … Read more

Turkey: Constitutional Court clears academics from spurious ‘terrorism propaganda’ charges

Reacting to news that Turkey’s Constitutional Court found the convictions of academics on charges of “making propaganda for a terrorist organization”, because they signed a peace petition in 2016, violated their right to freedom of expression, Amnesty International’s Turkey Campaigner, Milena Buyum said: “The Constitutional Court confirmed what we always knew, that academics’ petition calling for … Read more