Turkey Remains On UK’s Travel Red List

Despite intensive lobbying from the Turkish government and tourism companies, Turkey has not been taken off the UK’s travel red list. Travel to and from red list countries is highly restricted and requires paying up to £2,285 per traveller for an 11-day quarantine upon return to the UK. France has moved to upgrade Turkey from … Read more

Support the Campaign With the ADG’s Boycott Turkey Poster

Boycott Turkey logo

In collaboration with the Boycott Turkey campaign, the Autonomous Design Group has produced a poster to support the boycott of Turkish tourism. Inspired by inspired by a French Anti-Fascist poster protesting the Franco regime, the poster highlights the Turkish regime’s imprisonment of thousands of academics, journalists, political opponents and Kurds. Tourism in Turkey is directly linked … Read more

New Medical Research Suggests Coronavirus Cases Exceed Official Estimates

Data compiled by doctors working on the ground in the provinces of Amed (Diyarbakır) and Urfa suggests there may be significantly more Covid-19 cases than Turkish officials have publicly admitted. The research published in a report by Deutsche Welle earlier this week , raises serious questions about Turkey’s response to the Coronavirus epidemic. The southeastern provinces … Read more

Protests Against German State’s Attempt to Promote Turkish Holidays

Protests were sparked by the arrival of the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoglu and the Minister of Tourism Nuri Ersoy in Germany. The talks held between the Turkish ministers and the German government in Berlin have been seen as an attempt to revitalise German tourism in Turkey. Turkish tourism has been badly hit by Covid-19 with … Read more

Boycott Turkey Campaign Visits Helsinki’s Nordic Travel Fair

Activists for the Boycott Turkey campaign visited the Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki to protest the Turkish tourism industry. The Fair is the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe with more than 60 000 visitors during the weekend. The Fair hosted several different stands, including Turkish Airlines, promoting holidays in Turkey. While people were … Read more

Turkish Airlines Blockaded in Vienna

Activists have blocked the Turkish Airlines counter at the Vienna International Airport as part of the #RiseUpForRojava campaign against the airline. The activists blocked the Turkish Airlines counter with the powerful slogan: “As long as bombs fly, nobody flies here!”. Companies like Turkish Airlines play a key role in propping up the dictatorial Turkish state … Read more

Activists Protest Turkish Airlines in Stockholm

Swedish activists blocked the Turkish Airlines check-in at Stockholm on the 24th of November as part of a coordinated protest against the state controlled company. Turkish Airlines is a major economic, cultural and diplomatic institution for the Turkish state. The airline represents a key part of the Turkish tourism industry and its advertising is used … Read more