Activists Protest the Turkish State and the Davos Forum

The protests took place as part of an action carried out in the Swiss city of Bern protesting the Davos economic forum. In Bern 5,000 demonstrators protested the World Economic Forum attended by world leaders including US President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Kurdish and Turkish refugees and migrants marched together with … Read more

Armenian Kurds Protest Turkish Attacks in Shengal

Members of the Kurdish community and representatives of various Kurdish institutions met in Yerevan to protest the Turkish state’s military action in Shengal. The air-strikes carried out by Turkey hit Yazidi communities previously threatened by ISIS and have been condemned by activists across the world. Activists marched into the United Nations building in the city … Read more

Protests Across Europe Against Turkish Attacks in Shengal

Recent air strikes by the Turkish military in the area of Northern Iraq known as Shengal (or Sinjar in Arabic) have prompted a wave of protests across Europe. Such air strikes have occurred before and often target Kurdish political groups including fighters who defended the Yazidi community in the area against ISIS’ genocidal attacks. Such … Read more

Guardian Newspaper Report Uncovers the UK Arms Industry’s Support of Turkey’s Illegal Drone Warfare

A recent article released on the 27th of November in The Guardian revealed how UK arms manufacturers supplied crucial components to a Turkish drone-maker. These military drones have allowed “Ankara to become an emerging power in the lethal technology, which experts warn is dangerously proliferating.” In a move that effectively circumvented recent moves to ban … Read more

Iraqi Kurds boycott Turkish goods after Syria assault

From AFP Activists have set their sights on Turkish imports in response to Turkey’s controversial two-week offensive against the Kurdish-run administration in northern Syria (AFP Photo/AHMAD AL-RUBAYE) Sulaimaniyah (Iraq) (AFP) – Shopkeepers in Iraq’s Kurdish region have been responding to activists’ calls to boycott Turkish goods in protest at Ankara’s assault on Kurdish forces in … Read more

Rolls Royce to manufacture engines for Turkey’s TF-X Fighter Jet

From Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) uncovered the full-size mock-up of its TF-X jet at the Paris Air Show 2019 today at a time when it is facing possible expulsion from the F-35 program over the S-400 row with the United States. The aircraft mock-up looks inspired by the F-35 and has several design cues … Read more