Boycott Turkey Campaign Visits Helsinki’s Nordic Travel Fair

Activists for the Boycott Turkey campaign visited the Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki to protest the Turkish tourism industry. The Fair is the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe with more than 60 000 visitors during the weekend. The Fair hosted several different stands, including Turkish Airlines, promoting holidays in Turkey. While people were … Read more

Gothenburg Airport Protesters Call For Boycott of Turkish Tourism

The action took place inside the Landsvetter Airport in Gothenburg, Sweden, as part of the boycott of Turkish tourism. The Turkish occupation of Northern Syria and Rojava was condemned by activists who called on travellers to think twice about holidaying in Turkey. Activists also called on people to boycott Turkish products. The action was promoted by … Read more

Protests Across Europe Against Turkish Attacks in Shengal

Recent air strikes by the Turkish military in the area of Northern Iraq known as Shengal (or Sinjar in Arabic) have prompted a wave of protests across Europe. Such air strikes have occurred before and often target Kurdish political groups including fighters who defended the Yazidi community in the area against ISIS’ genocidal attacks. Such … Read more

Turkish Airlines Blockaded in Vienna

Activists have blocked the Turkish Airlines counter at the Vienna International Airport as part of the #RiseUpForRojava campaign against the airline. The activists blocked the Turkish Airlines counter with the powerful slogan: “As long as bombs fly, nobody flies here!”. Companies like Turkish Airlines play a key role in propping up the dictatorial Turkish state … Read more

Activists Protest Turkish Airlines in Stockholm

Swedish activists blocked the Turkish Airlines check-in at Stockholm on the 24th of November as part of a coordinated protest against the state controlled company. Turkish Airlines is a major economic, cultural and diplomatic institution for the Turkish state. The airline represents a key part of the Turkish tourism industry and its advertising is used … Read more

KCDK-E calls for a boycott of Turkish tourism and goods

First published by ANF Firat The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) Co-presidency Council calls for active participation in the boycott campaign of Turkish tourism and goods, which are used for financing massacre and ethnic cleansing of the Turkish state. The statement released by KCDK-E Co-presidency Council reads as follows: “The bloody Turkish state is … Read more

Boycott Turkey protests in Toronto, Canada

First published in the Canadian media here As violence and tensions rise in Syria, Kurds in Toronto are protesting Turkey’s attack and the U.S.’ decision to remove troops from the region.  #Kurds in Toronto take to the streets to protest Turkey’s invasion of #Rojava, Syria’s #Kurdistan. — Tarek Fatah (@TarekFatah) October 10, 2019 Groups … Read more

Heathrow demonstration against Turkish Airlines

We are in solidarity with the Rojavan revolution, the Kurdish community, the community of Rojava, and those who’ve travelled to be by their side. Turkey’s current invasion can only be understood as an extension of the ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish people. Turkish airlines are directly linked to the Turkish state and the weapons manufactured … Read more