Turkish Forces Occupy 5,000 Hectares of Farmland

In the Til Temir district of Northern Syria, Turkish forces have occupied 5,000 hectares of agricultural land effectively making it impossible for many local farmers to harvest their crops. This increases the threat of famine in the region following the burning of 2,000 hectares of crops by Turkish forces earlier this year. In a statement … Read more

Turkish Artillery Fire Targets Wheat Fields in Syria

More than 80 hectares of wheat fields were set ablaze by artillery fire west of the city of Kobanê. Turkish forces and their Jihadist allies appear to be targeting Kurdish farmers’ crops in an effort to starve the inhabitants of North Eastern Syria. The 2019 Turkish invasion of this region saw ethnic cleansing and was … Read more

Turkish Border Guards Shoot Another Kurdish Civilian Dead

According to a report by the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, the Turkish Border Guard (Jandarma) have shot dead a Kurdish farmer. The farmer was working on his land near Dirna Aghi in the Jal Agha/Al-Jawadiyah district of Al-Qamishli (Qamişlo), when the Jandarma shot him. The shooting of civilians by the Turkish border guards is … Read more

Turkish Invasion of Northern Syria Hinders The Fight Against Corona Virus

A report by Human Rights Watch, detailing the impact of the conflict in Northern Syria on the region’s response to the Covid-19 crisis, has highlighted the severe impact of Turkish military aggression in the area. The report notes how years of military action by Turkey, ISIS and other Jihadist groups have done a great deal … Read more

Turkish Rocket Attacks Against Rojava

According to reports from the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, Northeastern Syria has been hit by numerous rocket attacks in recent days. Turkish military forces and their allied Jihadist proxies “fired several rockets in the early hours of Friday morning, targeting the villages of Al-Fakkah, Abboush, Qabbour, Qarajnah, Qabr Al-Kebar and Al-Darrarah in Tal Tamr … Read more

Protests in Bremen Against Turkish Military Attacks in Kurdistan

Protests in Bremen, and other parts of Germany, followed similar protests across Europe which took place in April. The protests which took place in the German city of Bremen this Sunday highlighted once again the continued military presence of the Turkish state in Kurdistan. In particular, activists condemned the latest attack of the Turkish state … Read more

New Campaign to Boycott Trader Joe’s Links to Turkish Regime

Rojava solidarity activists in the USA have launched a new campaign calling for the grocer Trader Joe’s to stop stocking goods linked to the Turkish state. Whilst the company continues to profit from Turkish state fascism the campaign will continue its call for a nationwide boycott of the store. The campaign has been launched “in … Read more

Turkish Military Jets Bomb Refugee Camp

Turkish Jets have bombarded a refugee camp in Mexmûr, in the Southern region of Kurdistan which is nominally under the control of Iraq. Reports indicate that the aerial attack has caused a number of deaths and casualties in the camp. The attack may be part of increased Turkish military activity across several fronts. With growing … Read more

Growing Threat of New Assault Against North-Eastern Syria

Increased military activity on the border between Turkey and North-Eastern Syria has raised concerns of a new invasion. Turkish military forces and Jihadist proxies have been spotted gathering in the Shebha region near the occupied city of Afrin. There has also been an increase in drone activity in the region. More worryingly, shelling of settlements … Read more

Rojava Solidarity Committee Formed in Mexico

On the 12th of April in Mexico City, intellectuals, academics, political organizations launched a campaign titled “Let’s defend life in Rojava in the time of Covid-19”. The call was launched by the Committee in Solidarity with Kurdistan-CDMX within the framework of the Global Day for Life. The call includes a petition signed by activists, academics and … Read more